E-Book – How To Play Blues Harmonica For Beginners Vol- 01 – Including audio and video

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The purpose of this e-book is to enable you to become a well-rounded player with the basics of the ten-hole diatonic harmonica.You will need a ten-hole harmonica in the key of C to follow the lessons of this e-book.Whether your aim is to play blues, country or traditional music,or to become the harmonica’s next rock star, you’ll have the basic knowledge to achieve your goal.

As you learn the musical examples and songs, you will realize that this small, fragile instrument you are holding is amazing in its versatility and power of expression.It simply sounds great in a variety of music styles that include blues,country, rock, traditional music.Most importantly, with practice and careful listening to your own playing as well as that of others, you can play your harmonica in your style.

The approach in this book is easy and gradual. The songs are given in standard notation as well as harmonica tablature, so that the method can be used in a classroom situation and taught like other instruments.

This e-book only show you a little bit about music theory, will be nice that you look around to learn more about it.This e-book will work better if you see it on a computer or a tablet,you will need internet connection to better use the e-book.

Have fun with this e-book!



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